Jen Rothmeyer is an organized and experienced tutor in Northfield, Minnesota, with additional experience as a teaching assistant for undergraduate students. She has an associates of arts degree in criminal justice and one in liberal arts, a bachelors degree in psychology with honors, and twenty credits towards a masters of journalism and mass communication. She is a freelance book critic and writer and also home-educates her four children who range in age from months old to ten years old. She is enthusiastic about helping her clients, who range from the elementary level to undergraduate level, connect with their education in a positive and constructive manner.

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Contact Jen

E-mail: jen@emsun.org

Phone: (507) 301-3351

Services & Pricing


Jen tutors the following subjects out of her home in Northfield, MN, near the St. Olaf campus:

  • Mathematics up to and including algebra
  • English composition, grammar, spelling, and literature
  • History
  • Psychology and sociology
  • Digital literacy, HTML, and CSS
  • Journalism and mass communication
  • Study skills and test preparation

Jen can also cover most any elementary to high school class; please ask if you have an area not listed. Her standard rate is $15 per half-hour, and $25 per hour.

Educational Planning

Jen can work with you to:

  • Create and organize unit studies
  • Create and organize thematic educational parties
  • Provide consultation on other educational planning

Please contact Jen for pricing on educational planning.



5April2012This is an awesome thing you’re doing, Jen! Wow! I remember you tutoring me when I thought my life was over when I had to successfully complete Finite Math, I think….it’s been so long I can’t even remember! But I remember you saving this sinking ship with your extraordinary tutoring skills! Your “matter of fact,” down to earth, “it’s not that serious,” “You’ve got this!” approach to tutoring was the winning factor for me! You are an AWESOME tutor and teacher and I would recommend you to ANYONE! Thanks, again, my friend! Tracy Canada

University of Iowa [Teaching Assistant], Evaluations

As a teaching assistant leading a total of four discussion sections at the University of Iowa over two semesters, Jen was anonymously evaluated by her students. The following are portions of the comments left on her evaluations (full comments available for in-person review):

  • “I wasn’t a huge fan of the lecture, but you made the class enjoyable and I looked forward to coming to discussion each week. Thank you for your enthusiasm and always vouching for your students when we needed and deserved it. I really enjoyed this semester with you!”
  • “Jennifer is a great teaching assistant. She goes beyond what is required of her to ensure students learn and understand the course material.”
  • “It always seemed as if she actually cared about how each and every student were doing, and if they understood the material. She was always available for help and was very encouraging!”
  • “I enjoyed having you as a teacher. You seem very personable and very willing to help with questions about the course.”
  • “I have learned a great deal in this class because my instructor challenges me to think. She’s very effective at pulling the concepts out of assigned readings and helping me to better understand them.”
  • “Very willing to help all students. Treated every question as equally important to others. Made class exciting and enjoyable. Awesome TA.”
  • “Mrs. Rothmeyer is always available during her office hours and does everything she can to make sure you understand the information. She also tells people to email her with any question and she responds to the email in a timely fashion.”
  • “She is always well organized and prepared for class. If we do not understand a concept, she brings information she gathered from the professor to our next meeting to help us understand more clearly.”
  • “This instructor is willing to help if there is a problem and gives good advice on how to get your grade up.”
  • “She is a great teacher who not only cares about the subject but cares that we learn it.”
  • “Jen does a great job of putting things in terms everyone can understand. She is extremely personable, relatable, and intelligent. The best T.A. I’ve had this year and I appreciate all she did for my class.”
  • “If she was staying at the University of Iowa, I would follow Jen to any class she was a TA for. She helped in my learning & understanding of the material better than any TA I have had.”
  • “Jen is always prepared for class and is prompt and professional. She creates a great environment in which to learn.”
  • “Very helpful during office hours, also responds to email questions well.”
  • “Very down to earth teacher, which allows us students to connect with her more.”
  • “I liked this T.A. a lot. She made a point to give time and direction to each student.”
  • “Jen is a fantastic TA! I have nothing but great things to say about her. =)”
  • “She was very informative when asked questions.”
  • “You da bomb!”
  • “You rock.”
  • “Really does a good job of trying to get everyone to engage in discussion. Always there if you need help. Encourages you to think instead of just giving answer.”
  • “Even though you have a lot going on, it is still a priority for you to teach the class & you get all your work done & it never ceases to amaze me.”
  • “Always prepared for class. Really helped us understand the material.”
  • “Good class. [...] She is a good teacher.”